Atone mixes “pop hooks” and mysticism together seamlessly. The main genre is pop/rock, where feel-good, melancholy, upbeat and acoustic are central keywords.


Starting out in the small village of Jevnaker in Norway, Atone has managed to establish themselves as a solid live band both locally, nationally and internationally. With their many performances such as at the Øya festival in Oslo, at the final round at the Carpathia festival in Rzeszów (Poland), as a support band for Nazareth and Jo Nesbø, and live performance on NRK P1 radio in Norway, Atone has gained good reviews.


So far the band has released three studio recordings and three music videos. The band is currently recording new material, planned to be released autumn 2016.


Martin Johansson - Vocals and guitars


Mads Johansson - Guitars


Marcin Krupa - Drums


Stian Nordlund - Bass