Atone mixes “pop hooks” and mysticism together seamlessly. The main genre is pop/rock, where feel-good, melancholy, upbeat and acoustic are central keywords.

Atone was formed by the two brothers Martin and Mads Johansson togheter with their childhood friend Stian Ek-Nordlund. The three of them grew up in the small norwegian village called Jevnaker.

Initially Atone was an acoustic three-piece, but Marcin Krupa joined on drums some years down the road. After that, the band also started using electric guitars, pianos, synths and sometimes female vocals on their songs.

Atone has managed to establish themselves as a solid live band through the years. Some of their performances include Øya festivalen in Oslo, Carpathia festival in Rzeszów (Poland), Randsfjordfestivalen, support band for Nazareth, support band for Jo Nesbø, and live performance on NRK P1 radio in Norway. 


Martin Johansson - vocals and guitars

Mads Johansson - gutiars

Stian Ek-Nordlund - bass

Marcin Krupa - drums

Ole Kristian Odden - keys and cello

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